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1982 AVRI '52 FenderTelecaster Fullerton

1982 Fender usa Telecaster reissue 1982 Fender Fullerton Telecaster 52

1982 avri Telecaster 52

1982 Fullerton Telecaster

1982 avri Telecaster

1982 Fullerton Telecaster

1982 USA Telecaster ri

1982 Telecaster frets

1982Fullerton Telecaster

1982 52 Telecaster

1982 '52 AVRI Telecaster

1982 52 Telecaster









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September 13 1982 U.S.A. Fullerton Fender Vintage '52 reissue. 7.2 pounds of pure Tele tone. When you pick up this one you know you are holding something special. It has it all. Gently played the original owner was a professional musician that used this guitar a lot. No belt buckle rash and very few nicks and bumps. This one has the very hard to find small width neck. The smallest Fender offered that year. The neck has got some of the best figuring we have seen on the reissues. Plenty of life left in the frets. All original with the exception of the front/both/back switch mod.

OHSC in good condition.


1982 Telecaster

1982 Fullerton case


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