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1970s Paulino Bernabe SOLD

1975 Bernabe 1975 Bernabe

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`975 Paulino Bernabe

1975 Bernabe

1975 Bernabe

1975 Paulino Bernabe

1975 Bernabe

1974 Bernabe

1975 Bernabe

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This is a Paulino Bernabe classical guitar made back in the 70's. There is no date but here is what we do know. I got this guitar from the second owner that bought it well used in 1979 from Rene Heredia who played guitar with Jose Greco and Sabicas. Rene bought this guitar in Madrid Spain straight from Paulino Bernabe's hands to his. Fantastic player with a big sound. Low bass notes and singing trebles. Very full sounding balanced tone. Beautiful woods. 3lbs. 11.5oz. Lives up to the hype. There is some play wear on the top. Back and sides are in excellent condition. Fantastic rosewood and the most straight grained cedar top we have ever seen. SUPER hand built with a lot of love quality inside and out. So much to appreciate about this very rare guitar. Truely world class. Have yet to see any better. Twice as loud as my Ramirez 1a. The action is a low 3.5mm on the low E and 2.5 on the high e strings measured at the 12th fret. Plenty of saddle showing to go even lower if wanted. This guitar plays great and has never had any work done. No breaks, cracks, or over spray.

1975 Bernabe case

Inquire about price.

1975 Paulino Bernabe in original case

w/OHSC is in fair condition. Busted handel. Inside is nice.

1975 Paulino Bernabe


1975 Bernabe

Paulino Bernabe apprenticed from 1954 in the Ramirez workshop in Madrid, Spain. In 1969 established own shop. Paulino died 10 May 2007 and his son Paulino Jr now continues the tradition. This guitar was made by Paulino Bernabe himself. He did not start to sign his guitars until 1981. Back in the 70's he only made one model. 650mm scale. 52mm nut width. He was ahead of his time.

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