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1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty SOLD

1976 lp 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1976 lp

1976 lp

1976 Les Paul Custom

1976 lp

1976 Les Paul Custom

1976 Les Paul Custom

1976 les paul

1976 Les Paul Custom insides

1976 LPC pickup backs

CLICK the small pics to see close up views.

I love old Les Paul Custom Gibsons. Especially the old Kalamazoo made guitars. They are the top of the production line guitar Gibson ever made. All the features Gibson had to offer on the LPCs. Ebony fretboard. Real abalone pearl inlay. Gold plating. Fancy binding everywhere you look. There are no better playing guitars in the world. Stays in tune. Sounds unbelievable. Pure heaven. Black is the best color.

This guitar is a rock work horse to the max. Only 10lb 1oz it is very lively sounding. The original Pat No T-Top humbuckers have the sound you want on a Les Paul Clear and bell like. Add a Marshall and I defy anyone to show me a better sound. Go ahead and try.

$3,850 SOLD


1976 Les Paul Custom case



Here is a video of me playing this guitar on YouTube



1976 Les Paul Custom in case