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1982 Fender Vintage Reissue '57 Precision Bass Candy Apple red

1982 Fender Precision bass

1982 Precision bass



1982 Fullerton bass

1982 Fullerton bass

1982 Fullerton Fender

1982 Fender Precision bass

1982 Fender P bass

1982 Fender

1982 Fullerton Bass

CLICK the small pics to see close up views.


1982 was the first year for the Fullerton Fenders made in the original pre CBS plant on the same tools and dies by the same people that made the pre 1965 guitars and basses. Very very cool. This bass plays perfectly. Very lively neck with a pronounced woody tone. Everyone that plays this bass is very impressed. Beautifully figured neck with lots of birds eyes plays like a dream come true. Very low action with no buzzing. No dead spots. Very lively neck. Lightweight at only 8 lb 10 oz. Very loud acoustically. This thing is such a work of art


OHSTC in good condition.


1982 Fullerton Fender Precision bass reissue


1982 Fender case


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