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1982 Fender U.S.A. Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster

1982 Fullerton '57 reissue 1982 AVRI 1957 reissue Stratocaster

Click for close up views.

1982 '57 AVRI Stratocaster close up view

1982 AVRI Stratocaster back close up view

1982 AVRI Stratocaster close up view of back of guitar

1982 ri 1957 Stratocaster close up view

1982 Fullerton close up view of back

1982 Fullerton

1982 Fender AVRI headstock back view close up

1982 Fullerton Stratocaster

1982 Fender AVRI pot codes

1982 USA Fender Fullerton made 1957 Vintage reissue Stratocaster . 7 pounds and 12.5 ounces of super resonant tone machine. I have collected these Fullertons since 1982. This was the nicest one I had ever seen. It has it all.100% original. The beautiful two tone sunburst is super dark, deep and rich. Not green or yellow looking like many. Still has that new guitar shine. Very little fret wear. This guitar has the highly desired red bobbin pickups. Original 3 way switch still installed. V005947 serial number. Pots all date to 6th week of 1982. Neck is dated August 11 1982. Body is dated June 21 1982. This guitar does not look like it has been played very much. The neck is very dark showing much finish checking. Looks like a real 1957 Stratocaster from a distance and even more convincing up close.


Now the side story on this guitar. I bought this guitar here in Dallas from a friend about 10 years ago. He knew I collect these. Here is a link to my original listing:

The guitar was so cool I did not want to sell it and listed it high. I underestimated the cool factor and the guitar sold. Over the past 8 years I have thought about this guitar often. Then one day I find one like it online. I contact the seller in Atlanta and he informs me it is in fact my old guitar. He found it in a pawn shop in Atlanta. So now I have it back again. When last I saw her she was 25 years old. Now she is 33. None the wear for the time and experience.

I named her Lucky.

$9,600 (same price as sold in 2007)


1982 AVRI Stratocaster neck date

Click for close up view.

1982 AVRI trem cavity

1982 AVRI '57 Stratocaster insides

Click for close up view.


1982 Fender AVRI 57 Stratocaster in case

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Thank You

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1982 Fullerton guitar case

CLICK the small pics to see close up views.


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