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1983 AVRI '57 Stratocaster Fullerton

1983 avri Stratocaster 1983 Stratocaster

1983 ri 57 Stratocaster

1983 Stratocaster

1983 Strat

1983 Stratocaster reissue USA

1983 57 ri

1983 Stratocaster

1983 avri 57

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This sweetheart is just about 28 years old. 100% original Fullerton made. These are getting harder and harder to find because of the fantastic investment potential along with the fantastic guitar. The "Fullerton" models were only made for three years in the original factory on the original tools by many of the original employees. As close to a real 1957 Strat as you can get. Made at the same place the same way. They do not make these anymore. This one is all honest playwear and looks very cool. This is the thinnest neck Fender ever made. Very small feeling. The guitar is also very lightweight at a mere 7lb 12oz. Extremely resonant un plugged and wonderfully chimey plugged in. This Stratocaster has the "Shorty" trem bar. The neck has turned a dark amber and looks so much better than a modern custom shop relic replica. This is the real deal all the way. Comes with back trem cover.


OHSTC in good condition.


1983 AVRI Stratocaster '57

  1983 Tweed case
  1983 '57 Stratocaster neck date