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1984 AVRI '52 FenderTelecaster



1984 52 reissue Telecaster


1984 AVRI '52 Telecaster

1984 Tele

1984 52ri back view

1984 Fender telecaster reissue 52

1984 reissue 52 Telecaster

1984 Fender reissue Telecaster head stock


BY FAR the nicest Fullerton Telecaster I have ever seen. March 5 1984 neck stamp. Signed by Ibarra. Flame maple neck plays like a butter dream. Guitar is in good condition and shows much evidence of being played a lot. Never abused. No repairs, over sprays, breaks. All original electronics except for a replaced 3 way switch and tip. A little over 8 pounds she is very resonant unplugged and plugged.

This guitar plays like a dream. A true "players guitar". Low action. Perfect intonation. Very special. Sounds wonderful. Both picups are very balanced. All 3 positions sound superior.

Guitar is covered in super cool finish checking. Many little dings and dents. No belt buckle rash. Finish has turned dark over the years.


OHSC in great condition.


1984 Fullerton Telecaster neck date

1984 Tele 52 ri      
  1984 Tele in case 1984 Tele      

All of my new gear comes from here:

1984 Tele

1984 pots

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