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1984 AVRI '57 Fender Stratocaster Fullerton

1984 Stratocaster 1984 57 reissue Stratocaster

1984 ri

1984 Fender Stratocaster

1984 Fender

1984 Fullerton

1984 ri

1984 reissue

1984 Strat

CLICK the small pics to see close up views.

USA Fender Vintage '57 reissue Stratocaster made at the old Fullerton plant. This is as close to the real deal as it gets. This is a REAL Fullerton. Covered in finish checking. Not 100% original because of the shielding that could be removed. The guitar sounds as good as it gets. The guitar is beautiful and has aged nicely.

1984 Fullerton in case

OHSTC in average condition.


1984 Fender Fullerton tweed case

1984 AVRI '57 Stratocaster insides 1984 AVRI '57 Stratocaster neck date
  1984 AVRI '57 Stratocaster neck pocket
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