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1986 AVRI 62 Fender Stratocaster fiesta red

1986 ri 1986 ri

1986 62 ri

1986 Fender Stratocaster

1986 ri

1986 reissue

1986 Fender

1986 62ri Stratocaster insides

1986 62ri Stratocaster neck date

1986 62 ri Stratocaster hole plug




1986 62 reissue Stratocaster close up viewCLICK the small pics to see close up views.

They do not get much prettier than this Fiesta Red, 25 year old beauty. All nitro. SUPER condition.

This guitar is still shiny yet the nitro has checked on both sides of the best looking Fiesta Red color we have ever seen. Even harder to find in a '62 reissue. Frets show little play wear if any. At one time someone moved the strap button to the lower horn and then touched up the hole with red paint. Very small spot. Other than that this one seems in like new condition with only a few very small nicks and checking. V02XXXX. This has the medium neck on it. Not too big. Not too small. Fantastic feel. I have set this up with low action and no buzz. Perfect intonation. All five sounds are superior.

OHSC in great condition.


1986 Tweed case

  1986 Stratocaster

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