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1986 AVRI '52 Fender Telecaster SOLD

1986 Telecaster

1986 Telecaster back

1986 Tele close up

1986 Tele back close up

1986 Tele close up view 2

1986 Tele close up of nick

1986 Telecaster head stock

1986 Tele hs back

1986 Telecaster neck date

1986 Telecaster pot


6 - 13 - 86 U.S.A. made '52 ri Telecaster. Very rare. This is the first 1986 reissue Tele I have ever seen. Low serial number indicated Fullerton. Pots date to 24th week of 1986. Super guitar. Near mint. Super nice condition. Looks almost new. You would never guess it is 25 years old. 8 pounds 1 oz of very twangy sound. Twangy even unplugged. The neck is not as thin as most reissues from this era. A lot of nice figuring front and back on the neck and fretboard. No wear at all. It looks like this one spent most of it's life in the original case. Case is in great shape. The tone pot got swaped out for another with a built in boost to twang it up, but the original is included with this guitar.

OHSC in great condition.





 CLICK the small pics to see close up views. 1986 Telecaster in case


1986 Telecaster case
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