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Fender Guitars 1982 - 1984

The Fullertons

1982 AVRI 57 Stratocaster 1982 Fullerton '57 reissue

1982 AVRI Fullerton '62 vintage Stratocaster

1983 avri Stratocaster  
1982 1982 1983 1983  
    1982 Fender AVRI '52 Telecaster Fullerton    
      March 1982    
  1984 52 reissue Telecaster 1982 AVRI '52 Telecaster.  Fullerton 1982 Fender Precision bass  
  5 March 1984 28 Sept 1984 1982    

Between 1982 and 1984 Fender produced a limited number of super guitars. These were all made at the original Fender plant in Fullerton California on the original tools and dies of the pre-CBS era guitars. Fender even brought some of the original pre-CBS folks out of retirement for this very ambitious project. The plan was to make reissue of the best Fender guitars and basses ever made. The 1952 Telecaster, 1957 and 1962 Stratocasters, 1957 and1962 Precision Bass, and the 1962 Jazz Bass. Unable to keep up with the demand Fender closed the Fullerton plant, moved to Corona California, and resumed production in late 1985.

I see many guitars on eBay selling as "Fullerton era" that while they were made in 1982 are not Fullerton guitars. These reissue guitars are as close to the original pre-CBS made Fenders as you can possibly get. Much better than the new Custom Shop efforts to "relic" a new guitar to make it look old.

These guitars are now 31 to 33 years old. Finish has checked and the wood has aged. The hand made quality is just not seen in modern computer made guitars.

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